Absolute Black

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Absolute Black is a statement piece for any space with its rich hue and smooth finish. Consistent crystallization of molten stone under pressure followed by cooling creates one of the sturdiest and long-lasting stones in the world. Absolute Black India Granite embodies moody, dark black hues with metallic flecks that shimmer beneath the light. The dark dolerite and its multifaceted crystalline texture perfectly fit both indoor and outdoor spaces. Absolute Black India is a stone that looks stunning on countertops and floors. A clear epoxy filler is used on the granite to fill any imperfections giving it a glossy texture.

Multiple Finishes

The variation in finishes available for Absolute Black India opens the door to a multitude of styles and individual preferences when it comes to design. Absolute Black India looks especially elegant with a honed finish that highlights the stone’s natural variations.


Absolute Black India is known for its natural ability to resist water and moisture. This isn’t to be confused with the stone being waterproof. Absolute Black India is porous, and while it is not as absorbent as other stones, it’s still important to wipe spills immediately to preserve longevity.

Chemical resistant

While it is important to be careful with harmful chemicals near your Absolute Black India Granite, this solid stone is not easily damaged. Absolute Black India can tolerate chemicals with acidic bases.

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