How to Add a Home Coffee Bar into Your Kitchen

If you go out for coffee every day, you will eventually realize that buying coffee isn’t cheap. Now, many homeowners are taking the initiative to add coffee bars into their kitchens to not only save money but customize their coffee experience.

Check out some of today’s kitchen coffee bar ideas:

Mug Appeal

Everyone loves a nice mug! Typically, we don’t own just one mug. We usually own a whole cupboard full of them! Take the time to find a nice way to access your favorite mugs easily. Whether it be an open shelf or a mug rack, make sure you have plenty of space to fix your morning coffee. 

For a sleek look, a quartz or granite countertop would look perfect for your coffee bar. Both quartz and granite are stain and scratch-resistant, so it’s easy to keep clean and maintain!

Add Rustic Charm with Signs and Chalkboards

Many homeowners love decorating their homes with a rustic style. Adding a rustic coffee bar to your home is a charming and cozy way to serve your coffee and treats in the morning. Signs and chalkboards will help you add personalized notes and nice reminders for your family and guests.

If you’re choosing to build your coffee bar using rustic wood, try pairing it with a marble countertop.

Find the Right Space

Everything that you need for your morning coffee should all be kept in one convenient place. You’ll appreciate it on a busy morning. Purchase glass containers to hold your coffee, sugar, and other necessities you may need. This is also a great area to store extra mugs, coasters, and napkins. Typically, with any coffee area, your coffee pot should be the center focus, and everything else can be used to help decorate.

For a busy coffee area, a granite countertop with brown and other neutral tones would pair wonderfully. Granite is heat resistant, so it won’t melt or blister when you set your hot coffee cups on the counter!

Adding a Coffee Bar to Your Kitchen

Are you ready to add a coffee bar to your home? Make the first move by adding a granite countertop to your kitchen. To learn more about the wonderful countertops we offer, contact the professionals at MC Granite Countertops today!