Granite Countertops Scottsville KY

Adding timeless marble countertops to your gourmet kitchen renovation or sparkling quartz to create a luxurious master bathroom adds value to your home and improves your experience living in it. MC Granite Countertops is the preferred countertop contractor for Scottsville, KY, homeowners. Our specialized experience with marble, granite, quartzite, and soapstone, as well as our ability to source a wide variety of colors and patterns means we deliver an ideal fit for every design profile. Come discover the MC Granite difference with a visit to our Scottsville showroom.

Your custom countertop experience by MC Granite begins with a consultation with one of our friendly design professionals. They’ll guide you through choosing the perfect pattern, color, and even specialty touches like fluted or beveled edges for your space. Once you’ve selected your granite or marble, our construction team will take careful measurements of your home and give you a quote for the number of rooms you choose to remodel. Installation is scheduled for a single day, according to your timeline. MC Granite’s crew removes and disposes of your old counters, relieving you of the hassle. Thorough clean-up afterward will have you relaxing in your new master bath or chef’s kitchen that evening.

MC Granite uses advanced technology and proven techniques to craft each perfect cut and contour. Top quality stone cut with our industry’s leading-edge equipment ensures your granite countertop will last for years to come. We use laser cut measurements and waterjet cutting to preserve the quality of your stone. Our attention to detail ensures your counters curve perfectly around sinks and appliances, leaving a sleek design. Discover the MC Granite difference and be the envy of your Scottsville neighborhood. Contact us at 931-266-4510.